Self Learning


Do you want to know how to effectively manage your time? Would you be interested in knowing the various strategies of self-learning?

Self-Learning can help you to find the ways how to manage times correctly. You will learn a wide variety of absolutely different strategies for learning by yourself. They are suitable for learning any kind of information.

Intro: course overview

This course is intended for students who are interested in learning any topic on their own as they do not have time to attend physical classes. This program is also intended for students who work much and only have time for self-learning and who do not know from what to start. In addition, this course will benefit students who want to use their time effectively and would not like to waste a minute. This course well organized to suit with student’s academic background in psychology. By enrolling into this course, graduates will receive an EFAG College certificate that will broaden their career opportunities. Moreover, graduates will gain a college credit that they can use to bridge into university.

This course is well-suited for students who:

  • Do not want to spend much money for enrolling any new course.
  • Work much and only have time for self-learning and do not know from what to start.
  • Want to use their time effectively without wasting a minute.

Intro: Course Q & A Discussion Board

What are the different strategies of self-learning?

Week 1

Week 01: overview

During the first week, the students will discuss the role that the teachers play in the society and the reasons behind choosing the teaching major to be their future job. The students will gain a better understanding of self-learning.

Week 01: Assignment 20 pts

Students will share their thoughts and insights of choosing the teaching major and how they can contribute to the community by raising fully responsible generation. Moreover, students will suggest the benefits of self-learning.

Week 01: Discussion 10 pts

A group discussion will be assigned to each group to discuss their answers

Week 01: Homework review quiz 0 pts

Week 2

Week 02: overview

The students will learn the various elements and components of self-learning. Moreover, the students will learn the role that the student- teacher relationship plays in improving the teaching outcomes.

Week 02: Assignment 20 pts

Students will present some ways of how to enhance student-teacher relationship and discuss them in their groups.

Week 03

Week 03: overview

The students will be introduced to the theoretical issues that are commonly discussed in the teaching domain. The students will be introduced to the elements of research project, which will consist of data analysis and design.

Week 03: Assignment

The students will be asked to analyze the elements that are needed for generating a research project.

Week 04

Week 04: overview

During this week, students will learn communication skills that they need to implement in the domain of teaching and how they can pass information to the students effectively. Students will learn how to apply an effective approach that will improve their communication skills and put it into practice. Moreover, students will implement their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills through the use of various methodologies to help them to practice their communication skills professionally and analyze various teaching strategies.

Week 04: Assignment

Students will suggest some ways that can be used to pass on information to the students.

Week 05

Week 05: overview

Students will employ various teaching principles that are being used. Thereby, the students will have better understanding of how to deal with students according to the academic and mental state. The students enrolled in this course will effectively know how to deal with their students and understand their way of thinking.

Week 05: Assignment

Students will be required to determine a suitable teaching strategy by analyzing various cases.

Week 06

Week 06: overview

During this week, students will get a firm knowledge of how to evaluate students by using both communication and written assessments such as presentations and other analysis methods.

Week 06: Assignment

Students will be required to identify effective teaching assessments that will ensure that each student is evaluated adequately.

Week 07

Week 07: overview

The students will get familiar with how to enhance the learning experience by using a variety of learning structures and the student will get a fundamental understanding of how the structure can enhance the learning process.

Week 07: Assignment

The students will apply the learning structures to different learning situations.

Week 08

Week 08: overview

During this week, students will be introduced to the main and most commonly discussed topics teaching domain. Moreover, the students will get familiar with the methods that could be used when teaching low level students.

Week 08: Assignment

The students will suggest some methods that are used when dealing with slow students and how to pass the information to them in an effective manner.

Week 09

Week 09: overview

During this week, the students will develop a firm understanding of the technologies that can be used to enhance the learning process. Some of the technologies that are used may include smart boards, tablets and other high-tech technologies that can be used to facilitate learning.

Week 09: Assignment

Students will be introduced of how to implement high-tech equipment in the teaching domain.

Week 10

Week 10: overview

Students will need to conduct a placement test, where they will need to present a topic in front of students by implementing the use of high-technology equipment.

Week 10: Assignment

Students will generate a research of their experience in presenting in front of other students.