Executive Leadership


Do you want to enhance your executive leadership skills? Do you want to know the methodologies, techniques and principles of leadership and management? Would you be interested in knowing how to apply these theories in real life?

Focusing on such kind of leadership like executive, you will learn how to make the best development strategies for your company, how to be a diplomat, coach to explain recommendations to your employees. You will be taught how to generate ideas and the ways to motivate people to work.

Intro: course overview

This course is intended for students who are business administrators and want to be up-to-date with all the concepts involved in that domain. This course is also intended for students who are interested in improving their leadership skills and enhancing the outcomes of the company. Moreover, this course will improve your leadership skills as an executive, as you have many fresh ideas. This course is well organized to suit with student’s academic background in finance and accountant.

Students will be provided with a firm background of the major theories of leadership and administration. By enrolling into this course, graduates will receive an EFAG College certificate that will broaden their career opportunities. Moreover, graduates will gain a college credit that they can use to bridge into university.

This course is well-suited for students who:

  • Are already business administrators and want to be up-to-date.
  • Want to receive a promotion.
  • Want to improve their leadership skills as an executive, as they have many fresh ideas.

Intro: Course Q & A Discussion Board

How to improve your skills in executive leadership? What are the key theories and principles that are used within the leadership domain?

Week 1

Week 01: overview

During this week, students will learn how to become effective leaders by developing their communication skills in order to achieve individual and organizational set goals. Throughout this course, the students will get introduced to the process of interpersonal communication and its impact on improving the outcomes of an organization.

Week 01: Assignment 20 pts

Students will be asked to implement their communication skills by studying various case studies.

Week 01: Discussion 10 pts

A group discussion will be assigned to each group to discuss their answers

Week 01: Homework review quiz 0 pts

Week 02

During this week, the students will develop their problem-solving skills, which are considered fundamental for leadership purposes, and thereby ensuring organization’s success. The students will be given the chance to interpret and evaluate real life scenarios to help them in using these skills to influence others’ thoughts.

Week 02: Assignment

The students will work on developing emotional intelligence skills by using real-life cases, where they will be able to interpret and evaluate the emotional intelligence of others and indeed developing their leadership skills.

Week 03

Week 03: overview

The students will learn how to become successful leaders in their business domain and increase the outcomes of the comany. The students will learn how to encourage their workers to perform the work by creating a positive work atmosphere.

Week 03: Assignment 20 pts

The students will discuss in groups what the factors that are needed for creating a positive work atmosphere.

Week 04

Week 04: overview

The students will be given the chance to train peers and provide them with their feedback on an assigned work. The students will learn that receiving an ongoing feedback and transparency in providing their feedback in an effective and polite manner in improving the company’s outcome.

Week 04: Assignment

The students will be required to train junior peers by using the above mentioned skills.

Week 05

Week 05: overview

Students will learn how they could gain others’ trust and confidence through identifying their leadership style and the methods that should be used while dealing with different people.

Week 05: Assignment

Students will be required to determine their leadership style and how it could be used in building their organizational values.

Week 06

During this week, students will get the chance to master some concepts within the project management domain, and they will also be able to excel some tools and techniques within that domain. In addition, students will be able to get a firm background in the principles of project management and which may include initiating, planning and executing a project that has objectives that would meet the stakeholder’s expectations.

Week 06: Assignment

Through the use of typical case studies, students will examine some of the fundamental principles of management, as well as tools and techniques that are used within that domain.

Week 07

Week 07: overview

Students will get a firm background of the principles and employability of leadership. One of the most important concepts in a leader is motivation, where motivation can help in creating a positive working environment. which has motivation theory, apply it to a personal leadership style, and evaluate the impact on employee performance;

Week 07: Assignment

The students will apply the motivation theory to personal leadership and test the effectiveness of this theory on the employees’ performance.

Week 08

Week 08: overview

During this week, students will learn how to choose the right people for doing the appropriate job at a particular time. The students will get familiar with the four basic functions of management such as planning, organizing, leading and control. The students will also get introduced to the most appropriate practices that they can use for recruiting employees, providing them with the appropriate training and developing their skills. Students will develop a basic understanding of how an appropriate and efficient management could have an indispensable effect on delivering business.

Week 08: Assignment

Students will get the chance to practice their skills in management and put their planning and organizing skills into practice.

Week 09

Week 09: overview

During this week, students will learn how to implement effective project scope management techniques. Students will get a better understanding of how projects are the main factor in transforming business forward. Moreover, students will get introduced to the adaptive and predictive models, and they will be allowed to choose which model would suit with their needs.

Week 09: Assignment

Through the use of certain case studies and group discussions, students will gain a better understanding of best practical skills that need to be implemented in project scope management.

Week 10

The concepts of leadership will be reinforced by the end of the term and students will employ the leadership skills that they learned into practice by the use of action plan.

Week 10: Assignment

The student will submit a final Personal Accountability Report by the end of the term.