Banking and Finance Law

Banking and Finance Law


Do you want to know how to deal with legal cases that are related to banking and finance? Would you be interested in broadening your knowledge in handling conflicts concerning banking and finance issues?

Focusing on Law for banking and finance only, you will develop practical skills and understand theories to regulate the performance of banks or other financial institutions. You will make analysis of different conflicts appeared between actors.

Intro: course overview

This course is intended for students who either have an upper intermediate or advanced level of English to enhance their knowledge in banking and finance quickly and in an effective manner. This program is also intended for students who their current job is in banking and finance and will be interested in upgrading their skills with filling some gaps in modern banking and finance law. Moreover, this course will also benefit students who want increase their competition in the labour market. This course is well organized to suit with student’s academic background in business law.

Students will be provided with a firm background of the most important terms that are used within the banking and finance law. By enrolling into this course, graduates will receive an EFAG College certificate that will broaden their career opportunities. Moreover, graduates will gain a college credit that they can use to bridge into university.

This course is well-suited for students who:

  • Their level of English is between Upper-Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Their current or future job is in banking and finance.
  • Want to increase your competition in the labor market.

Intro: Course Q & A Discussion Board

How to improve your skills within the domain of business law? How to tackle problems that are related to business issues effectively?

Week 1

Week 01: overview

During this week, the students will be introduced to the common terms that are being discussed in the banking and finance law and the benefits that they could get if they are fully aware of the common terms among the issued laws within different countries. The students will get more familiar of how laws could be effectively employed by management within the banking and finance domain.

Week 01: Assignment 20 pts

Students will be given an assignment that requires them to provide how banking and finance law could have an impact on upgrading the organization’s returns.

Week 01: Discussion 10 pts

A group discussion will be assigned to each group to discuss their answers

Week 01: Homework review quiz 0 pts

Week 2

Week 02: overview

Students will effectively learn how to tackle and deal with problems that are related to banking and finance issues in an effective manner.

Week 02: Assignment 20 pts

The students will analyze some case studies that are related to banking and finance issues, and which will require them to put all of their skills into practice.

Week 03

During this week, the students will get familiar with the methodology that they need to use when analysing a business situation through the implementation of legal laws. Much emphasis is put on the use of methods that are used for torts, contracts, employment law, dispute resolution, sales and creditors’ rights.

Week 03: Assignment

The students will be asked to analyze a business situation from a legal perspective by using the above mentioned methods.

Week 04

Week 04: overview

During this week, students will learn communication skills that they need to implement in the domain of business law. Students will learn how to apply an effective approach that will improve their communication skills and put it into practice. Moreover, students will implement their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills through the use of various methodologies to help them to practice their communication skills professionally and pass important information about banking security to the people who are entitled of being rapped.

Week 04: Assignment

Students will work on developing their communication skills within the domains of finance and accounting and which also play an important factor for their workplace and educational environment.

Week 05

Week 05: overview

Students will be introduced to the factor of how finance and other business domains could be influenced by some laws and regulations. They will learn how laws must be understood and applied by management in the perspective of business. Students will also learn how to effectively analyze and interpret a business case under the structure of some issued laws that aim at protecting the right of bank accounts holders.

Week 05: Assignment

Students will be required to retrieve general legal perspectives that are related to accounting and finance security systems by surfing over the internet.

Week 06

Week 06: overview

During this week, students will get a firm knowledge of the fundamental legal concepts of banking and finance law. Moreover, the students will be provided with the management techniques that could expand their knowledge into the global market by getting them familiar with the legal implications of these laws.

Week 06: Assignment

Students will be required to conduct a research on the impact of the banking and finance law on enhancing the economic status of a firm.

Week 07

Week 07: overview

Students will get a firm background of the principles and employability of business finance. Some of the main concepts that will be introduced during this week may include financial planning, financial analysis, money budget, valuation, stock, analysis of the current market and protecting the right of stakeholders in a secure manner. The students will implement the above mentioned concepts within the framework of the banking and finance law.

Week 07: Assignment

Students will sit in groups to discuss some of the common principles of business finance and legal implications of these principles within different counties.

Week 08

Week 08: overview

During this week, students will be introduced to the main and most commonly discussed topics within the accounting domain and how banking accounts could get penetrated by people who do not have the right to access it. Some of these topics may include contact accounting, principles of accounting, financial statements, cycle of accounting and accounting security systems. Moreover, the students will get familiar with the business laws that are relevant to penetrating the banking accounts.

Week 08: Assignment

Students will have different case studies to analyze and interpret some of the banking and finance laws that are relevant to penetrating banking accounts. Moreover, students will suggest some ways of preventing illegal penetration of banking accounts and keep them secured.

Week 09

Week 09: overview

During this week, students will learn about the types of cost in accounting and the nature of cost, how they are analyzed and reported to the manufacturers. Some of the main topics that will be reviewed during this week may cost- volume profit, cost plan and generating activities based on cost.

Week 09: Assignment

Students will be given a case study to analyze cost and conduct various activities according to a particular cost plan.

Week 10

Week 10: overview

Students will be introduced to the most widely discussed economic issues. Students will get familiar with the use of economic models to analyze the development of economic issues according to certain criteria.

Week 10: Assignment

Students will carefully examine and review some of the economic dilemma that the society is facing and suggest some of the policy perspectives that governments need to implement to get over these problems.