Employees Engagement


Do you want to know the main theories of modern management? Would you be interested in learn strategies that could be used to enhance your employees’ satisfaction and engagement?

This course will give you the opportunity to learn the main theories of modern management and how to increase your employees’ satisfaction of the job that they are performing. In addition, students will gain all the skills that they need in identifying specialist within the same domain of their academic background. This will help in encouraging the employees to conduct the work in an easy-manner and contribute to achieving their optimal satisfaction.

Therefore, by recruiting the correct employees to conduct a job that is related to their skills, the manager will ensure future success of their company. Indeed, implementing an effective recruiting strategy will ensure employees’ satisfaction of the job that they are doing and enhance productivity.

Intro: course overview

This course is intended for students who either have an upper intermediate or advanced level in English and who are interested in enhancing their skills in implementing strategies that could contribute to ensuring employees’ engagement in the work they are doing. This course is also intended for managers who would like to integrate newly-employed strategies within the framework of their companies. This course is well-organized to suit student’s academic background in management.

Students will be provided with a firm background of the major theories enhancing job productivity and administration. By enrolling into this course, graduates will receive an EFAG College certificate that will broaden their career opportunities. Moreover, graduates will gain a college credit that they can use to bridge into university.

This course is well-suited for students who:

  • Their level is between Upper-Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Are new in management domain and need to improve their knowledge to enhance employees’ satisfaction.
  • Are an HR manager and facing problems in getting employees engaged in their jobs.

Intro: Course Q & A Discussion Board

How to improve your skills in management? How to enhance employees’ productivity?

Week 1

Week 01: overview

During this week, students will be introduced to the recent procedures that is used by widely-known companies to achieve employees’’ satisfaction. The students will be involved in certain activities that will help them in identifying certain strategies that they could implement to achieve optimal productivity.

Week 01: Assignment 20 pts

Students will be asked to analyze different case scenarios that require them to integrate the skills that they gained in terms of enhancing productivity.

Week 01: Discussion 10 pts

A group discussion will be assigned to each group to discuss their answers

Week 01: Homework review quiz 0 pts

Week 2

Week 02: overview

During this week, students will learn how to assess the organizational behaviour to examine how employees interact with each other within the workplace environment. Some of the organizational behaviour related theories may include psychology, history and behaviour activities that are related to the workplace environment and team work. Moreover, students will extend their knowledge to explore the skills of human communication, learning process, work motivation, ethical issues, elevate creativity level, leadership and power skills. Therefore, through knowledge of organizational behaviour will provide business professionals and human resources as they shape, upgrade and enhance organizations success with the continuous development in business.

Week 02: Assignment

By using various case studies, students will develop a plan that they would use as business professionals to enhance the creatively level of their employees.

Week 3

Week 03: overview

Students will effectively learn to work on a wide range of business related software applications. Students will learn how to enhance their employees’ productivity by getting them involved in various software applications.

Week 03: Assignment 20 pts

Students will be asked to find suitable software application that they could integrate within their companies in order to enhance employees’ engagement in the assigned work.

Week 04

Week 04: overview

During this week, students will learn communication skills that they need to employ as communication is one of the most important factors that employers seek in employees. Students will learn how to apply an effective approach that will improve their communication skills and put it into practice. Moreover, students will implement their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills through the use of various methodologies to help them to practice their communication skills professionally.

Week 04: Assignment

Students will work on developing their communication skills within the domain of management and which also play an important factor for their workplace and educational environment.

Week 05

Week 05: overview

Students will be introduced to the factor of how finance and other business domains could be influenced by some laws and regulations. They learn how laws must be understood and applied by management in the conduct of business. Students will also learn how to effectively analyze and interpret a business case under the structure of some issued laws.

Week 04: Assignment

Students will be required to retrieve general legal perspectives that are related to the recruitment procedure.

Week 06

Week 6: overview

During this week, students will learn to develop and extract strategic plans that they need to implement as professional managers to elevate the organization’s performance. In addition, students will learn to analyze and evaluate the needs of their employees to achieve their job satisfaction.

Week 06: Assignment

Students will review and assess some strategies that aim at upgrading their skills in meeting the needs of their employees.

Week 07

Week 07: overview

Students will get a firm background of the principles and employability of business finance. Some of the main concepts that will be introduced during this week may include financial planning, financial analysis, money budget, valuation, stock and analysis of the current market.

Week 07: Assignment

Students will sit in groups to discuss some of the common principles of business finance and how it could effectively contribute to the finance domain.

Week 08

Week 08: overview

During this week, students will learn how to choose the right people for doing the appropriate job at a particular time. The students will get familiar with the four basic functions of management such as planning, organizing, leading and control. The students will also get introduced to the most appropriate practices that they can use for recruiting employees, providing them with the appropriate training and developing their skills. Students will develop a basic understanding of how an appropriate and efficient management could have an indispensable effect on delivering business.

Week 08: Assignment

Students will get the chance to practice their skills in management and put their planning and organizing skills into practice.

Week 09

Week 09: overview

Students will be introduced to the method of analyzing the personality of their employees and put strategic plan that will help them in dealing with each employee individually.

Week 9: Assignment 9

Students will enhance the skills that they have gained during this week through the analysis of certain case scenarios.