Women and Education: happily ever after!

Women and Education: happily ever after

Education is a very important tool which is playing a crucial role in our lives. For better opportunities, education, in all its aspects, is the key to achieve high goals in life. Where are women in the middle of this ascending fact? Are they given the right for education? Has their situation changed with years? Why is it so important to educate women? What if women seek education but they have tight schedules?

Traditionally, women used to follow a certain routine; once they reach an appropriate age they get married and start a family. Women played roles of a cooker, mother, wife and friend. Priorities evolved and women became more exposed to new responsibilities beginning that started with school teachers to reach today countries’ presidents.

With time, barriers were removed leading to empowering women through education with the necessary knowledge and confidence to be active socially and professionally. Obstacles from different fields like politics, social, education were causing inequality between men and women. With the development of human rights and especially women rights, we started seeing a lot of countries and societies dealing differently and openly with women integrity and gender equality.

How equality and education can change a whole life?

It is true that in many countries, women are still deprived of their rights for example to own a property, open a bank account without a husband’s signature and have an equal job opportunity and salary like men. The salvation key to change these facts is EDUCATION given that it will increase women’s awareness to think clearly about their current situation and will grant them potential and means to thrive in all fields. Education will boost women’s confidence which makes a big difference in handling their responsibilities successfully.

Why is women’s social contribution more and more recognized and valued?

I am sure we all heard this quote “If you educate a man, you educate one person. If you educate a woman, you educate a nation”. Yes! Women should be given education to affect positively their families and many generations to come. A difference can be felt throughout an entire community. Economic development enquires education for boys and girls equally to reach sustainable results. As for social development, girls’ education has a bigger influence and greater results. Education starts at home and in every home a woman is present to provide the necessary instructions and awareness preparing a generation for a better future.

Technology development made education accessible!

Having access to education is an important asset to woman, but what if she is a full time employee? What if a woman is a full time working mother? What if she only can squeeze some time for education at her convenience? Luckily, nowadays we have access to online education. E-learning revolution has changed the future of education creating the best technology solutions to access education anytime and anywhere.

How women and e-learning can have the most efficient relationship?

Busy women are lucky to have access to online courses covering different topics at any time. They can access it from home, work, coffee shops etc. and choose the best timing that fits their busy schedules. It is a great opportunity for a woman to develop a certain skill or to learn new topics. Women are now able to study efficiently at their convenience.

Education is made easier and more accessible than ever. Whether choosing the distance or the traditional classes, women have the right to learn. Thanks to education women can change societies, communities, families and generations. To all women who are reading this article, it’s either you initiated a change in your life or you are planning to and we wish you all the luck!!!