Criminal Investigation Psychology


Do you want to know how to the major concepts that are used in forensic psychology? Would you be interested in broadening your knowledge in handling conflicts concerning forensic issues?

You will learn the basis and key facts in forensics, law, criminology, as they the parts of the complex criminal investigation psychology. The target is to give you theories and show how they use in practice.

Intro: course overview

This course is intended for students who either have an upper intermediate or advanced level of English to enhance their knowledge in criminal investigation psychology in an effective manner. This program is also intended for students who their current or future job is connected with criminology and investigation. Moreover, this course will also benefit students who want increase their skills in order to enhance their skills of criminals’ mind. This course is well organized to suit with student’s academic background in business law.

Students will be provided with a firm background of the most important terms that are used in psychology domain, in the perspective of criminal investigations. By enrolling into this course, graduates will receive an EFAG College certificate that will broaden their career opportunities. Moreover, graduates will gain a college credit that they can use to bridge into university.

This course is well-suited for students who:

  • Their level of English is between Upper-Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Their current or future job is connected with criminology and investigation.
  • Want to improve their skills in order to understand criminals.

Intro: Course Q & A Discussion Board

How to improve your skills within the domain of criminal investigation psychology? How to tackle problems that are related to criminal psychology?

Week 1

Week 01: overview

During the first week, the students will get familiar with the critical role of research in psychology. The students will have an overview of the methods that are used in research and which may include research design and data analysis. Moreover, the students will have a basic understanding of how research could contribute to obtaining data effectively.

Week 01: Assignment 20 pts

By using some case studies, the students will conduct a research to analyze the data and which may lead to obtaining effective results.

Week 01: Discussion 10 pts

A group discussion will be assigned to each group to discuss their answers

Week 01: Homework review quiz 0 pts

Week 2

Week 02: overview

Throughout this week, the students will employ the knowledge that they have gained in conducting the scientific method and use it to think about critical problems that are relevant to the mental and behaviour processes. Moreover, the students will demonstrate basic understanding of some concepts such as intellectual engagement, persistence, open- mindedness. Therefore, the students will be given the chance to differentiate between speculation and evidence.

Week 02: Assignment 20 pts

The students will analyze some case studies that are related to mental and behaviour processes, and which will require them to put all of their skills into practice by employing various methodological and theoretical approaches.

Week 03

Week 03: overview

The students will be introduced to the theoretical issues that are commonly discussed in cognitive science. The elements of research project will consist of data analysis and design.

Week 03: Assignment

The students will be asked to analyze a cognitive study from a psychological perspective by using the above mentioned methods.

Week 04

Week 04: overview

During this week, students will learn communication skills that they need to implement in the domain of cognitive psychology. Students will learn how to apply an effective approach that will improve their communication skills and put it into practice. Moreover, students will implement their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills through the use of various methodologies to help them to practice their communication skills professionally and analyze cognitive and psychological studies effectively.

Week 04: Assignment

Students will work on developing their communication skills with patients effectively, which will help them in extracting the data required in an effective manner.

Week 05

Week 05: overview

Students will employ various psychological principles from the perspectives of cognitive science. Thereby, the students will have better understanding of different mental disorders, which could be a cause of abnormal syndromes. Attempts will be made throughout the lectures to identify the applications of key empirical findings from research on decision making, learning, and categorization to understanding the world around us.

Week 05: Assignment

Students will be required to determine the applications to categorizing and analysis, which could contribute to the decision making process.

Week 06

Week 06: overview

During this week, students will get a firm knowledge of how to evaluate and implement various research methodologies which are related to social psychology. The students will use evidence and reasoning to extract data.

Week 06: Assignment

Students will be required to conduct a research on the impact of evidence and reasoning in the development of evidence based conclusions.

Week 07

Week 07: overview

Students will get a firm background of the principles of social and cognitive psychology. Some of the main concepts that will be introduced during this week may include prosocial behaviour, aggression and stereotypes and other concepts that are relevant to cognitive and social psychology.

Week 07: Assignment

Students will sit in groups to discuss some of the common principles of cognitive and social psychology.

Week 08

Week 08: overview

During this week, students will be introduced to the main and most commonly discussed topics in criminal investigation psychology. Moreover, the students will get familiar with the legal implications that could be used when analyzing criminal cases.

Week 08: Assignment

Students will have different case studies to analyze and interpret the cognitive perspective of criminology.

Week 09

Week 09: overview

During this week, the students will develop a firm understanding of the behaviour of human. Moreover, the students will learn how to employ the various concepts of forensic psychology and put them into practice.

Week 09: Assignment

Students will be given a case study to analyze the forensic aspect of psychology.

Week 10

Week 10: overview

Students will get familiar with the use of psychological models to analyze criminal minds in terms of psychological aspects.

Week 10: Assignment

Students will be asked to hand a research by the end of the term.