Master’s Degree

Which master course is right for you?

Here at EFAG college, we offer master courses for postgraduate students who would like to pursue a degree in arts, science and other research and taught programs. There are two main types of postgraduate degrees that are offered according to the student’s interest in choosing their future programme. The majority of master courses are designed as taught programmes or research programmes. Taught master programmes are based on assigning structured course modules that are being taught through seminars, leactures, laborotory work or any other kindof teaching mode. However, research-based programmes require the students need to conduct research projects within various study fields. Research master’s programmes usually take longer time to be completed, as compared with taught master programmes.

The choice of the course that is more suitable to you depends on your interest of either running researches or learning things in theory. If you are more into taught programmes, then you will need to course pack with the list of the courses that are relavnt of your field of study. However, if you are interested in running projects and learn new things on your own, then the research programme will be more suitable for you. Below, we will explain how different fields of study are taught in theory or by conducting research.

We offer customized programmes that are tailor-made to fit with the students’ interest and ambicious to pursue their field of interest. The extensive knowledge of the education system that we provide to our students, can help in finding the best university option to ensure their future success. We help students in finding the most suitable course for them and which will fit with their qualifications and academic background. Then, we go through your application process to the universities by contantely mointoring your application on a daily basis and by ensuring that each application is dealt carefully. Also, we help in preparing for an extraordinary educational experience by getting you engaged in a multicultural environment. We help in arranging field trips to our students and introduce them to the most commonly known landmarks within that culture. All the services we provide to our student can be obtained from a single point of contact. Our team can firmly assure that you will get the help you need when taking the most life-changing decision of your life. Each of our offices provide a high quality and friendly services to the students who are interested in studying abroad. Once you decide to study abroad, all you have to do is to contact us and leave the rest to us. Our specilitiees will go through your application step by step and then help you to cope with the new culture ones you are settled down at a later stage. As we realize that applying through some agencies could be daunting, we firmly assure that students will have a friendly expert who will be able to assist them in choosing the right programme for them. Registering at EFAG college will ensure students’ success in every aspect till they get their certification and finding the job they are interested in.

Master of Arts

A Master of Arts (MA) is usually awarded for fields under arts or social sciences, which many include a variety of courses such as literature, languages, education, history or music. Most of art courses are offered as taught or research programmes.

Taught art courses: taught art courses are taught through a combination of seminars and lectures, and students are evaluated through running, exams and other theory based assessments.

Taught art programmes are designed carefully to equip students with advanced skills that are relevant to formation, analysis, evaluation and image conception from the art perspective.

Research art courses: This course is designed for students who are keen to be part of the research community. Therefore, students favoring the use of multidisplinary approach are highely encouraged to be enrolled in the research programme. Students could have hands on practice by employing art theory design craft into practice

Master of Science

A Master of Science is awarded for students who are intersted in enrolling into science based courses, which may include chemistry, biology, helath scinces and science engineering courses. In addition, other social science and economic courses can also fall under the science field. The MS programmes usually take longer time to be completed as compared with the MA programs as the MS courses have a research component associated with it.

Science taught-programmes: science taught programmes are designed for students who will be interested in studying the science components in theory. Students enrolled into science-taught programmes will learn the chemical structure of certain substances, the biological make-up of various creatures.

Science research-programmes

Research science programmes are based on putting every science concept into practice through running lab experiments, researches and other practical work. Students who have the ambicious to work within science laborotory environment and who are keen to discover and analyse lab data are highly encouraged to enroll into taught component of the science course.

Master of Research (MRes)

A Master of Research degree is designed for students who are interested in receiving trainingof how to become a researcher. By obtaining excellent research skills, candidates will have the opportunity to pursue their studies in MA, MSc or PhD programmes. Candidates will have the opportunity to go further into their career path.

Master by Research (MPhil)

A Master by Research is a course that is based on research, where this course will give the students the chance to work on developing research projects indpendentely with the supervision of an associated professor. Usually, research-based projects take longer time to be completed, as compared with other master’s degrees. Research-based programmes take longer time to be conducted, analyzed and reviewed.

Master of Studies (MSt)

Master of Studies (MSt) degree is relevant to the MA or MSc degree, where maste of studies degree requires integrating classroom learning techniques, as well as completing a thesis-based research. The master of studies programme is an ideal choice for students who intend to do their PhD at a later stages of their life. Therefore, the combination of taught and research components will ease up the transition process from masters to PhD.

Specialized and professional master’s degrees

Specialized and professional master’s degrees are designed in a way that focuses on a providing the adequate knowledge within a particular field. These courses are usually known as “tagged master’s degrees”, as they are ‘tagged’ to deleiver knowledge within a particular field. However, professional master’s degrees have been tailored in a way that aim at enhancing career skills within certain professions.

Some professional master’s degrees are designed to have the word professional in the title. Some of these courses may include the Professional Science Master’s Degree (PSM). This professional course aims at providing students with all the skills and knowledge that they need to put within the workplace environment. There are different specilized and professional courses, which are classfied according to the purpose of the institution.