First Certificate in English (FCE)


Do you want to get familiar with the various aspects of the English? Would you be interested in enhancing your skills in the four different components of a language, which are writing, Reading, speaking and listening? Do you want to be an active part of the community?

Intro: course overview

This course will be a great opportunity to show your real skills after learning English for several years. You will understand special aspects of the test and how it differs from others. By taking this course, you will effectively learn how to employ your skills in English as you will communicate with English learners who have the same level in English as you. This course is well organized to suit with student’s academic background in the Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills.

Students will be provided with a firm background in academic oral language skills and written communication skills to expand their postsecondary opportunities, besides exploring their career opportunities in their field of interest. By enrolling into this course, students will be able to get familiar with the format of the First Certificate in English (FCE) and help them to succeed in this exam.

Intro: Course Q & A Discussion Board

How to prepare yourself to achieve passing the First Certificate in English (FCE)?

This course is well-suited for students who:

  • Want to receive Bachelor degree in a university of an English-speaking country.
  • Have been asked by their employer to improve their level in English to reach an intermediate level.
  • Want to improve their fluency and understanding in English for everyday situations.

Week 1

Week 01: overview

This course is offered by using a variety of techniques that will ensure that each student understands the required material in a friendly atmosphere.

Week 01: Read and review

To illustrate how the reading skills of English language are necessary for academic and workplace purposes.

Week 01: Assignment 20 pts

Students will be given an assignment that requires the use of various techniques to improve their reading speed, context understanding and widen their English language vocabulary. Students are required to summarize and answer different texts by paying attention to the use of particular English expressions.

Week 01: Discussion 10 pts

A group discussion will be assigned to each group to discuss their answers

Week 01: Homework review quiz 0 pts

Week 2

Week 02: overview

Improving student’s reading skills further by using more complex passages.

Week 02: Read and Review

Students will increase their reading speed to a higher level by providing them with more complex texts that will improve their comprehensive skills by implementing strategies that will ensure their understanding of a wide range of topics

Week 02: Assignment 20 pts

More intensive reading assignments will be given to the students, where they will be reviewing and answering more complex texts with an emphasis on clarity and accuracy.

Week 02: Discussion 10 pts

Assignment discussion

Week 02: Homework Review Quiz 0 pts

Week 3

Week 03: overview

The writing component is one of the most crucial part of the language as one’s ability to express their thoughts in a written form precisely is crucial for both academic and career purposes. This course will provide students with an illustrated feedback from instructors on their written work in order to help students to boot their writing skills and conduct different tasks in a written form. Students explore sentence structure and grammar that enable the production of simple, compound and complex sentences. Students will be able to adopt various techniques of brainstorming and thinking techniques in order to implement them in systematic editing methodologies to produce more comprehensive and better organized written work.

Week 5

Week 05: overview

Obtaining the required listening comprehension skills is fundamental for basic understanding of English conversations within the workplace and academic environment. Students will be required to identify essential information and major thoughts in various situations and authentic English listening passages within the context of a wide range of topics.


Students will implement different listening techniques in order to record information in a more precise way by identifying patterns of organization. The students will be required to perform speaking and writing assignments such as writing summaries, responses to a particular questions and express personal reflections on a certain topic.

Week 6

Week 06: overview

The ability to express their thoughts and emotions in a precise and clearly way is fundamental for both academic and career goals. In this program, the students will expand their pronunciation skills in order to express their personal reflections accurately and to help them to adopt to the British culture.


Students will be divided into small groups to discuss different topics and perform presentations on these topics to significantly enhance their pronunciation skills and implement them effectively in various situations.

Week 7

Week 07: overview

During this week, the students will enhance their writing and reading skills that they have acquired previously. Low-intermediate students will be assigned extra work to perform in order to improve their English language literacy for personal, occupational and academic reasons.


Different tasks that are relevant to cultural and linguistic topics will be assigned to the students, so that they can improve their comprehensive skills. Moreover, students will be able to produce short texts to help them to elevate their writing skills.

Week 8

Week 08: overview

Students will be provided with more intensive written work to boost their writing skills. The student will receive a comprehensive feedback from their instructors to help in achieving that goal.


The students will need to identify the grammar structure of a sentence and its order to allow them in producing written context in an efficient way. The students will integrate effective writing techniques such as planning and brainstorming to help them in producing an accurate and well-organized passages.

Week 9

Week 09: overview

Students will be enabled to understand more comprehensive listening strategies and integrate them in their workplace and academic environment.


Students will implement the use of various listening methodologies to help them in recording their information precisely, identify patterns of organization, and perform different speaking and writing tasks, such as summary writing, responses to some questions in order to ensure their basic understanding the topic and their personal impressions on the assigned topic.

Week 10

Week 10: overview

Students will improve their listening skills into a more-advanced level by enhancing their pronunciation to deliver clear and comprehensive spoken material in the workplace and academic atmosphere.


Students will be divided into groups to discuss and deliver oral assignments that are related to different topics in an accurate and precise format.

Week 11

Week 11: overview

During this week, the students will get familiar with the format of the First Certificate in English (FCE) where they will get the chance to practice all the skills that they learned throughout the course and assess their knowledge in these skills before doing the actual test.