Education For Advancement And Growth College (EFAG College)

Founded in 2012, EFAG College is Becoming a global leader in student-centered online education. A regionally accredited institution in Qatar, UK, the United States, Hungary and Jordan. EFAG College attracts a community of extraordinary students and faculty from around the world. We offer a wide range of online courses in a a vareity of subjects such as health, law, leadership, psychology, teaching and human resources. Our quality online programs feature nationally recognized experts, accomplished faculty, and visionary leaders—all professionals who are dedicated to upholding the college high academic standards.

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The College of Education (EFAG) Network is our community; a dedicated resource for our students! Get connected to the College of Education (EFAG) global network and accelerate your learning by connecting with other people who love to share their knowledge.


Accredited online courses & supporting programs for those aspiring to earn Masters and Bachelor degree or to achieve expertise in your field.

Online Education


Learning used to be done through purely “hands on” approaches such as going to class. While there is nothing wrong with that, we believe that studying online can be a quicker, more focused and convenient alternative.


Online English Programs offered at College of Education (EFAG) are based on international standards. Classes are conducted by highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Our English programs are supported by thoroughly researched resources. Student in our programs use what they learn to excel in their field.

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College of Education (EFAG)offers various programming courses and covers multiple training requirements for both basic and advanced level computer programs. We prepare our students for success and help them to flourish in this field. With multi level training and corresponding course structures the college creates a clear path for the sake student’s career success.


The demand for knowledge and new skills has taken a huge place for those who want to boost their businesses amongst their global competitors and it became the driving force.

Thus, we are here to arm our students with the right tools that would help them to flourish in this modern age of high demands and expectations. Finance, Marketing, Banking, Tourism are some of the fields that you can conquer through the business programs that we offer.